Back to the Field Training After Injury

Back to the Field Training After Injury

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   The fact that the treatment is finished does not mean that the athlete can train 100%. This means "Back to Game" only gradually.


    Trust and be patient with the healthcare professionals and the Performance trainer that they want the athlete to return to the field with their best performance, as much as the parent and athlete.


    Progress will take time to return to the game in performance dimension, to play in real performance. But rely on the process to help the athlete return to a stronger, better, and healthier performance before the injury.


    World Football Academy Football Rehabilitation Periodization is used for training planning for return to the field. Thanks to this program, the football player gradually experiences the difficult positions he will face during the match and feels safe against the risks he may face on the field. After the preparation made in this environment of trust, it is ensured that the football player returns to the field in a mental sense.