Football Player Performance Center for Professional Leagues

Football Player Performance Center for Professional Leagues

Who Can Participate?

 Professional football player candidates;

- ELITE A League team players,

- ELITE B League team players,

- Regional Development League team players,

- Local Amateur Leagues

*** Program participation requirement for team players in Amateur Leagues; group in the top 3 in the score table.


*** Service is provided anywhere in Turkey. Please contact us to get service outside of Istanbul.


  Why should I join this program?

   Many young footballers dream of becoming professionals. It will not be easy to reach the goal among the millions of players who want to achieve this dream.

Because many football players targeting professional leagues unfortunately prepare well below the pace of the game in professional level training and matches. With this program, we offer players the opportunity to train at a professional level in order for the player to reach their goals. We offer special training methods and the opportunity to work with performance coaches who have worked with professional players to become a professional football player.

     We not only focus on improving their football skills, but we also help them develop their cognitive abilities, social skills and self-esteem.

    The program focuses entirely on the football player and uses modern technology and quality training materials to develop technical, tactical, physical and mental skills that facilitate the work of young professionals on the football field.


What are the details of the program?


Details of the program are designed based on the answers to the following important questions:

 1- What is your current performance level?

 2- What is Functional Movement Screen Test Score?

 3- What are your performance goals and are the goals realistic?

 4- How can we help you reach your goals?


  The program is personalized and focuses on six main topics: technical, physical, tactical, skill, nutrition and mental. Kaya Performance Academy also organizes annual activities in this program. These activities are planned to help them experience life as a professional football player.

    Players attend the Kaya Performance Center for at least one year and are trained by professional performance coaches according to the program they have chosen. In order to follow their progress in individual training, players are checked every 2 months with performance tests and Fms tests and training programs are designed accordingly. These tests clearly reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the player and make development transparent to both the coach and the player.

    We also believe that every aspect of the player should be trained by an expert coach who has mastered this skill. For example, technical training will only be provided by top class coaches experienced in professional football. Who better to teach you than someone experienced on a professional level?