One-on-One Training and Small Group Workouts

One-on-One Training and Small Group Workouts

Who Can Participate?
 This department, which was created for players who are trained in Elite, Regional, Amateur Leagues and Football School, is the department where extra special one-to-one studies are carried out, except for the football players' own clubs or institutions (football schools).


  Why should I join this program?

   It all starts with having a dream. Global football is a well known and widely played sport. It is not surprising then that many children dream of becoming a professional football player when they grow up. To achieve this dream, players need to train frequently and have the right mindset. Unfortunately, these conditions are not always achievable for everyone.

   lack of infrastructure and facilities in Turkey, is the real obstacle to reaching the performance of a very talented footballer. This department ensures that football players can reach sufficient training time with individual training. As Kaya Performance Family, we aim to eliminate the lack of training of the football player and to bring him to his real performance by making his development progress in a positive way with special studies.


  What are the details of the program?


Details of the program are designed based on the answers to the following important questions:


 1- What is your current performance level?

 2- What is Functional Movement Screen Test Score?

 3- What are your performance goals and are the goals realistic?

 4- How can we help you reach your goals?