Online Performance Training and Performance Consultancy Services

Online Performance Training and Performance Consultancy Services

Who Can Participate?

*** services are provided to all licensed players in Turkey.

*** Please contact us to get information about the programs for professional players.


Why should I join this program?


  Football Specific Training:

   Our programs are designed to develop critical components of soccer fitness such as strength, strength, endurance, speed and flexibility. We ensure that our programs not only deliver results, but are challenging and fun.

  Special Programs:

   Our programs are customized for your football fitness level. When you join this program, the first step is to perform performance tests. We use basic functions of your smartphone, such as GPS, to conduct and evaluate tests. Based on your results, we develop your specific goals and a program to achieve your goals. Periodic evaluations will be made throughout the program to keep track of your progress. The higher your performance level, the harder the exercises become.

Customized Programs:

   Our programs are customized according to your performance level. As the first step in this program, a football itness evaluation is made. We use basic functions of your smartphone such as GPS for evaluation. Based on your results, we develop a program with specific goals and objectives for you. You will complete periodic assessments to track your progress throughout the program. As your performance level increases, you will apply a program in which the exercises will become more difficult.

Performance Monitoring:

   When you complete an assessment at the start, mid or end of the program, your results are compared to your peers for your age and gender and you can evaluate your performance data. Over time, you can graphically show your progress across various soccer fitness components and choose programs to target the components you want to improve.

A Practical Training Program:

   All our programs consist of two workouts per week and the duration of each workout is designed to last approximately 40-70 minutes, depending on the program you have chosen. Our programs are programmed so that even football players with busy schedules, including professional players, can easily participate.

What are the details of the program?

 The program aims to improve the performance of football players by using sports science and sports technology entirely. It is specially designed for football players who want to maintain and improve their performance and minimize the risk of injury.

This program;

 - Who cannot find time and want to work at home,

 - Those who have difficulty reaching real football performance coaches due to their city and location,