Shooting and Finalization Camp

Shooting and Finalization Camp

Who Can Participate?
   This program is for athletes ages 8 to 19 who want to improve their shooting and concluding skills.


    The program will take place only in Istanbul province. Please contact us for training requests from different provinces.


 Why should I join this program?

  Every player in the right place, time and position in the soccer game can score more goals. The ability to conclude in football has been the most sought after skill at every league level. In this program, to meet the demanding need of football, the focus is not only on shooting but also on finalization.


  What are the details of the program?


  Hitting Mechanics Analysis examines 5 basic aspects of hitting the ball technique and personal training programs are organized accordingly.


Approach Angle: The angle of approach of the player to the ball. Strategies to maximize the power generated by the approach angle are analyzed.


Support Leg: The effect of the support leg. Foot position, speed and approach strength, as well as the angle at the hip, knee and ankle joints are analyzed.


Hip Rotation: Angular rotation of the hip of the kick leg. Strategies to maximize angular rotation are analyzed.


Hip Mobility: The range of motion of the kick leg in the hip joint. Strategies to maximize hip range of motion before and after ball contact are analyzed.


Arm Movement: While hitting the ball, the movement of the arms and upper body, shoulder and shoulder movements, chest, neck and head movements are analyzed.


    We use a science-based approach to teach and use examples of practical applications that can be done with the ball in a football-specific context. After the analysis, it is ensured that the football player reaches the best strike technique and conclusion skill.