Speed, Agility and Quickness Camp

Speed, Agility and Quickness Camp

Who Can Participate?
This program is for athletes ages 8 to 19 who want to improve their speed and agility.

The program will take place only in Istanbul province. Please contact us for training requests from different provinces.


Why should I join this program?

Have the desire and passion to improve their speed and agility through hard work and motivation.

To achieve maximum results, players need to train several days a week in speed and agility and their individual sports. We also encourage players to train in speed and agility and elite fitness to become well-rounded athletes. Cross training is an important tactic to take advantage!

An innovative coaching program that covers all important aspects of running and is designed to improve your technique. Learn the basics of speed and agility, including strength, balance, flexibility and technique. Whatever your sport, these programs are for you!

Increase your speed and fitness to give you an edge!

What are the details of the program?

Running Analysis examines 5 basic aspects of the bird technique and personalized training programs are arranged accordingly.


Foot Analysis: The moment when the foot touches the ground. Part of the foot, the ankle and the angle of the lower leg are analyzed.


Hip Flexion: Raise of the knees while running. The hip flexion angle and the position of the ankle, knee and hip joints are analyzed.


Pelvic Slope: Detection and measurement of the slope in the pelvis. The direction and size of the pelvis tilt are analyzed.


Body Angle: The position of the trunk in relation to the lower body. The direction and angle of the trunk are analyzed.


Arm Movements: Movement of the arms while running. Motion is analyzed in the shoulder, elbow and ankle joints as well as shoulder range of motion.


We use a science-based approach to teach and use examples of practical applications with and without the ball in a football-specific planning. According to the tests and analysis made, personal training plans are made and the program is started.