Technical Skill Camps

Technical Skill Camps

Who Can Participate?
  This program is for athletes aged 6-14 who want to improve their technical skills.


Why should I join this program?

In this camp, players will gain techniques and skills that will increase their confidence in the ball.

By focusing on basic skills such as Ball Control, Dribbling, Picking, Passing and Juggling, players will learn how to be safer and more successful at the ball and more effective in games. Training sessions will include 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 game training. We complete the camp with our super popular themed soul session, where kids dress up to express themselves for fun games.


What are the details of the program?


Technique is most visibly the most obvious element for success in football. KEP will work on many basic elements to develop this area at the beginning of the child's journey.


Quality in skills with the ball

Ball Control and first touch


Ball Run

Body Movement Patterns and Correct Position

Transition Positions to Collective and Off-Ball Games


  Players will reach their technical skills to the best levels with this program, which is planned from the ground up with the right time and the right skills.


MINI A / 4-5 Years Old

   This program is designed to give all children ages 4-5 the best possible start in soccer and sports.

During the training sessions, we aim to develop your child's skills and fundamentals, such as Agility, Balance and Coordination, known as ABC.

Each session will focus on basic ball skills, fun games and introduction to rules, discipline and fitness.


MINI B / 6-8 Years Old

  This program is the driving philosophy of this age on learning to love play and movement. Skills and techniques will be taught through games on FUN.

Regularly playing narrow field games 4v4 and 5v5 will provide children with the opportunity to express themselves and develop their skills through play.

In these games, children will contribute to the children's game in many areas with learning the field, confidence, more touch to the ball, more double fighting to 1v1.