Pre-Season Prep Camp

Pre-Season Prep Camp

Welcome to Kaya Elit Performance Pre-Season Camp, which gives players the opportunity to experience what a true professional pre-season feels like!
We are ready with our professional coaching staff to prepare you mentally, physically, technically and tactically to bring your performance to the next level.
Our aim is to show you what professional fitness means, while improving your tactical, technical and physical abilities while remaining more consistent in your football skills.
After a long COVID-19 pandemic, it is extra important for players who take a long break to prepare for the next season. These camps are designed to prepare the players technically, tactically, physically and mentally. After the performance tests on the first day, they are grouped according to their skill levels. Throughout the training camp, coaches focus on rebuilding technical, tactical skills, physical fitness, and mental readiness.

    If you want to compete best on the football field, you need to prepare well during the pre-season preparation period so your strength and cardiovascular fitness peak in time for the first match. Every day, preseason, we focus on functional training in play form designed to increase ball skills and tactical understanding of the game. It is planned according to the position played by each player, following the training load in the training plan.

Who Can Participate?
  This program is for amateur and professional athletes aged 12-24.

  Did not play in professional leagues and signed a contract or go to camp with their team;

         Super League

         Tff 1st League

         Tff League 2

         Tff League 3

 Separate groups are planned for the players.


Why should I join this program?

This camp focuses on footballers who want to start their preparations for the new season and to increase their performance in the team. At the end of each week, coaches will provide direct feedback to the player and guide them to the Elite Team or Group Development Program.


What are the details of the program?

  The camp program covers everything football players will need in the face of any difficulties they will face during the season. As Kaya Elit Performance Football Camp program, we will especially focus on the following training areas:










Injury Prevention Workouts


Each player will receive a feedback report card after and after the camp.

Players are provided with personalized information on how they should improve their game and fitness, certain areas, according to their positions.