Professional Football Player Psychological Counseling and Mentoring Service

Professional Football Player Psychological Counseling and Mentoring Service

Who Can Participate?
This program is for all amateur and professional athletes aged 12-34.

        Super League

        Tff 1st League

        Tff League 2

        Tff League 3

 Separate studies are carried out for the players.


  Why should I join this program?

    Our mentor is committed to learning everything there is to know about sports psychology and the application of sports psychology in football. He worked tirelessly to understand the game, the language of football and the specific challenges players face on and off the field. Our mentor's work with many footballers and clubs with grassroots coaches has given him a clear and precise understanding of what coaches are looking for in a coach. Whatever your passion, you should strive to enjoy the fun of the game or become a world class player.

Our mentor will strengthen your performance with experience and knowledge to help you on this path.


Our mentor may work with you personally and / or via Skype / online, depending on your location and preference. A range of packages are offered to you, from a single session to sessions lasting season or even several years.


What are the details of the program?

Whether you are an avid football player or professional soccer player, we can help you improve and take your game to the next level.

Players come to our mentor for a variety of reasons, be able to enjoy the game more, perform more consistently under pressure or simply improve the game. Our mentor can help you play better on the field by using unique and powerful psychological models designed with the experience of the best players he has worked with:


More confidence

Increased concentration

Improved Self-management

Focus under pressure

Correct mental intensity

Positive thought


Our mentor can also assist you in the development of your game, on matchday and outside of the field, in key areas:



Emotional management

Effective training

Skill development

Game intelligence

Game preparation

Career planning and transition

Attitude in Social Media and Press Relations


Our mentor is known for his ability to break down sports psychology for players, and a range of tools and techniques remain to help players better understand mental play. You can have an instant impact on your game using these simple yet powerful tools.

If you want to take your game to the next level, contact us now.