Professional Goalkeeper Workouts

Professional Goalkeeper Workouts

Who Can Participate?

: All amateur and professional goalkeepers in the age range U10-U11, U12-U14, U15-U17, U18-U21 can participate.


Why should I join this program?

   The goalkeeper is different in the soccer game. The goalkeeper is an individual in team sport and is the most lonely position in football. This position is full of complexity and for our training approach our goalkeepers will place particular emphasis on angles, technique and communication. A complete training program will be offered that provides unparalleled skill development in terms of learning, mindset and relationship with teammates.


This training approach will help the goalkeeper to acquire a variety of skills. Goalkeeping Performance Center will not only be a shot saver but will train goalkeepers to be a good footballer in foot techniques.

What are the details of the program?

It allows football players to experience professional goalkeeper training and feel their unique match positions.

Training is programmed for each goalkeeper according to age, level and ability.

   The training sessions develop a deeper love for the goalkeeping position; to work hard, to achieve great concentration and pure enjoyment of football.

- Posture and Correct Positioning

- Goalkeeper-Specific Speed ​​/ Agility and Football Fitness

- Foot Technique and Hands

- Savings / Front and Side Angles

- Reactions and Reflexes

- Side and High Balls

- 1v1 / Leave the Fortress and Block

- Beginner and Set Positions Classroom Training

Dealing Short Ball / Setting Up
Long Dealing / Setting Up
Creating the Psychology of Beginner and Set Games with Games and Training